Call for papers

Bioenergy and Clean Energy
Bioenergy and Clean Energy
Bioenvironmental Engineering
Clean Energy
Development and Utilization of Solar Energy
Development and Utilization of Biomass Energy
Development and Utilization of Wind Energy
Energy-saving Technology
Energy Materials
Energy Chemical Engineering
Energy Security and Clean Use

Energy Science and Energy Technology
Solar Energy Engineering
Wind Energy Engineering
Nuclear Energy Engineering
Energy-saving Technology
Energy Chemical Engineering
Energy-efficient Lighting Products and Technologies
New Energy Vehicles, Electric Vehicles
Energy Equipment
Green Building Materials and Energy-saving Buildings

Power and Energy Applications
Power Electronics and Applications
Power Electronics Devices and Converters
Power electronics in Aerospace and Space Applications
Power Factor Correction Techniques
Power Quality Issues
Power System Integration, Packaging and Thermal Management
Renewable Energy Power Systems

Power System Management
Power System Management Technologies
Power System Monitoring and Mitigation Technologies
Control Strategies for Modern Power System Stability
Modeling and Simulation of Large Power Systems

Material Engineering
Material Science and Processing
Engineering Materials (metals & alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites)
Biomaterials and Implants
Functional Materials
Materials Characterization and Testing
Mechanics of Materials
Materials Processing and Applications
Material for Low Carbon Building
Key Materials for Fuel Cells
Synthetic Degradable Materials

Composite materials, Nano-materials, Bio-materials
Micro / Nano Materials
Metal Alloys
Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
New Functional Materials
New Energy Materials
Construction and Building Materials
Green Materials
Energy and Environmental Materials

Environmental Science and Technology
Environmental dynamics
Atmospheric physics
Physical oceanography
Biodiversity conservation
Climate and climatic changes
Global warming
Integrated ecosystems management
Environmental restoration and ecological engineering

Environmental sustainability
Resource management
Environmental systems approach
Renewable sources of energy-energy savings
Clean technologies
Health and the Environment
Indoor air pollution

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